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Blood Shot Eyes


In this tutorial, we'll learn to take a photograph of a person and change their eyes so that they look like they are blood shot.


1. Open the photograph in Photoshop.

2. Click the "Edit In Quick Mask Mode" button from the toolbar.

3. Choose black as your foreground color. Select the Paint Brush tool and begin painting over the whites of the eyes. As you paint, the color will be a transparent red, indicating where you are painting the mask.

4. Paint the whites of both eyes until they are completed. If you paint over an area, you can select white as your foreground color to paint back and erase any overlap.

5. Click the "Edit In Standard Mode" button.

6. Goto Select > Inverse. The whites of the eyes should now be selected.

7. Goto Image > Adjustments > Color Balance. Move the "Red" slider to the right until you get the level of redness. Click OK when you are satisfied (I tend to only go a little bit to make it appear more realistic).

8. Click Ctrl+D to deselect.

9. You should now have your photo of a person with blood shot eyes.

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